Class, Culture & Connections


Class, Culture & Connections

The Future China Advanced Leaders Programme gives participants an intimate understanding of China through an integrated in-depth study of its cultural, historical, political, social and economic paradigms covering:

  • Experiential Learning Journey to China
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Contemporary Economics and Social Politics of China
  • Chinese Heritage and Schools of Thought
  • Strategies and Business Management in China
  • Chinese Arts and Culture

Who Should Attend the Programme?

The Future China Advanced Leaders Programme is designed primarily for individuals who have been identified as future leaders or senior management of organisations who hold significant responsibilities for strategic decision-making and operations in China.

Potential Participants:

  • Business leaders and heads of business units
  • High potential senior managers & executives
  • Second or third generation business owners
  • Directors of government agencies with substantial links to China

Learning Environment

More than just theory, the Programme is designed to provide an immersive opportunity for participants to gain a first-hand understanding of China. The curriculum is specifically created to promote interaction among a diverse mix of participants and their China counterparts. The Programme’s focus on opportunities for dialogues, networking events and study visits form the foundation for highly effective experiential learning.


Language Medium

To provide the most effective learning experience, the Programme will be conducted in both English and Mandarin. 

Structure and Duration

Structured into three segments that will take place over a period of one week each, from April to June 2018.

The first and third segments will be conducted in Singapore while the second segment will be held in China.

Dates for Programme: